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Schnaps is a global order-agnostic tie point reduction tool.

This command is used to clean and reduce tie points before any orientation, and without needing any order in the pictures. Its limitation is the user memory: it can't be used if computer RAM is lower than Homol directory size.


The global syntax for Schnaps is :

mm3d Schnaps ImagePattern


AperiCloud is a tool dedicated to tie point reduction. So you have to use it after tie points computation by Tapioca and before orientation computation by Tapas (or Martini). It could also be used after a first tiepoint reduction using mask(s) with HomolFilterMasq
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You can access to the help by typing :

mm3d Schnaps -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Pattern of images}

Named args :

  • [Name=HomolIn] string :: {Input Homol directory suffix (without "Homol")}
  • [Name=NbWin] INT :: {Minimal homol points in each picture (default: 1000)}
  • [Name=ExeWrite] bool :: {Execute write output homol dir, def=true}
  • [Name=HomolOut] string :: {Output Homol directory suffix (default: _mini)}
  • [Name=ExpTxt] bool :: {Ascii format for in and out, def=false}
  • [Name=VeryStrict] bool :: {Be very strict with homols (remove any suspect), def=false}
  • [Name=ShowStats] bool :: {Show Homol points stats before and after filtering, def=false}
  • [Name=DoNotFilter] bool :: {Write homol after recomposition, without filterning, def=false}
  • [Name=PoubelleName] string :: {Where to write suspicious pictures names, def="Schnaps_poubelle.txt"}
  • [Name=minPercentCoverage] REAL :: {Minimum % of coverage to avoid adding to poubelle, def=30}
  • [Name=MoveBadImgs] bool :: {Move bad images to a trash folder called Poubelle, Def=false}
  • [Name=OutTrash] string :: {Output name of trash folder if moving bad images, Def=Poubelle}
  • [Name=MiniMulti] INT :: {Minimal Multiplicity of selected points, Def=1}
  • [Name=NetworkExport] bool :: {Export Network (in js), Def=false}


Basic Example

You can launch this command on most dataset with :

mm3d Schnaps «.*JPG »

By default Schnaps uses the \Homol" directory and creates a "\Homol_mini" directory for output, which will have to be specified in following commands, generally with SH argument. For example, with Tapas:

mm3d Tapas RadialExtended ".*JPG" SH=_mini

After HomolFilterMasq

Here, you have to specify the good homol directory. If you used default settings, it should be:

mm3d Schnaps ".*JPG" HomolIn=MasqFiltered

Known limitations


This option get the computation process very very slow. Don't use if you don't need it.