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SateLib is a macro-command aggregating some satellite data processing commands (see list bellow).


  • ApplyParralaxCor : Apply parralax correction from MMTestOrient to an image
  • Aster2Grid : Creates a Grid file from the meta-data of an Aster Images
  • AsterDestrip : Destrip Aster Images
  • ASTERGT2MM : Convert ASTER geoTiff format to MicMac Xml, also destrip images
  • BsurH : Calculate the b/h ratio for a pattern of images
  • CropRPC : Recalculate the RPCs for an image crop
  • DigitalGlobe2Grid : Create a Grid file from a DigitalGlobe RPB file (WorldView/Geoeye/IKONOS...)
  • Dimap2Grid : Create a Grid file from a Dimap (SPOT or Pleiades)
  • Grid2RPC : Calculate RPCs from the GRIDs
  • ImageTiling : Tile an image pair to selected size
  • RecalRPC : Recalculate the adjusted RPCs back to geodetic coordinate system
  • Refine : Refine an approximate model
  • RefineJitter : /!\ V0.01 Highly experimental /!\ Refine a grid with Affine + jitter model based on SIFT obs
  • RefineModel : Refine an approximate model
  • RPC : test functions for upcoming RPC functions
  • SATD2D : Visualize 2D deformation fields of a pushbroom image
  • SATtoBundle : Export a satellite image to a grid of bundles
  • SATValid : Validate the prj function by either retrieving the line of optical centers or the provided GCPs
  • TestRPC : Test the calculation of direct RPCs
  • TestRPCBackprj : Backproject a point to images