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The tool OriConvert is a versatile command used to:

  • Transform embedded GPS data from text format to MicMac's Xml orientation format.
  • Transform the GPS coordinate system, potentially into an euclidean coordinate system.
  • Generate image pattern for selecting a sample of the image block.
  • Compute relative speed of each camera in order to determine and correct GPS systematic error (delay).
  • Importing external orientation from others software: to come.


The global syntax for OriConvert is :

mm3d OriConvert Format_Specification Orientation_File Targeted_Orientation

Allowed commands

  • OriTxtAgiSoft
  • OriBluh
  • OriTxtInFile


OriConvert produce an MicMac orientation based on georeferencing data. You cannot use directly this orientation for processing tools like AperiCloud or C3DC, launch before a CenterBascule.


You can launch the OriConvert whenever you want, but of course before orientation tools.
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Help is the same for all arguments, You can access by typing :

mm3d OriConvert -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Format specification}
  • string :: {Orientation file}
  • string :: {Targeted orientation}

Named args :

  • [Name=ChSys] string :: {Change coordinate file}
  • [Name=Calib] string :: {External XML calibration file}
  • [Name=AddCalib] bool :: {Try to add calibration, def=true}
  • [Name=ConvOri] string :: {Orientation convention (like eConvAngPhotoMGrade ...)}
  • [Name=PrePost] vector<std::string> :: {[Prefix,Postfix] to generate name of image from id}
  • [Name=KN2I] string :: {Key 2 compute Name Image from Id in file}
  • [Name=DN] REAL :: {Neighbooring distance for Image Graph}
  • [Name=ImC] string :: {Image "Center" for computing AltiSol}
  • [Name=NbImC] INT :: {Number of neighboors around Image "Center" (Def=50)}
  • [Name=RedSizeSC] INT :: {Reduced Size of image to use for Tapioca for AltiSol (Def=1000)}
  • [Name=Reexp] string :: {Reexport as Matrix (internal set up)}
  • [Name=Regul] REAL :: {Regularisation cost (Cost of hole), Def=5.0}
  • [Name=RegNewBr] REAL :: {cost of creating a new branch (Def=0.4, prop to Regul)}
  • [Name=Reliab] REAL :: {Threshold for reliable speed, Def=0.75 (prop to Regul)}
  • [Name=CalcV] bool :: {Compute speed (def = false)}
  • [Name=Delay] REAL :: {Delay to take into account after speed estimate}
  • [Name=TFC] bool :: {Teta from cap : compute orientation from speed)}
  • [Name=RefOri] string :: {Ref Orientation (internal purpose)}
  • [Name=SiftR] INT :: {Resolution of sift point for Tapioca ,when ImC, (Def No Sift)}
  • [Name=SiftLR] INT :: {Low Resolution of sift point for MultisCale ,when ImC (Def no multicale)}
  • [Name=NameCple] string :: {Name of XML file to save couples}
  • [Name=Delaunay] bool :: {Add delaunay arc when save couple (Def=true)}
  • [Name=DelaunayCross] bool :: {Complete delaunay with some crossing trick arc when save couple (Def=true)}
  • [Name=Cpt] vector<int> :: {============ [CptMin,CptMax] for tuning purpose =======}
  • [Name=UOC] bool :: {Use Only Center (tuning)}
  • [Name=MTD1] bool :: {Compute Metadata only for first image (tuning)}
  • [Name=Line] INT :: {Nb neighbour in the same line}
  • [Name=CBF] bool :: {Export calib as a link to existing file}
  • [Name=AltiSol] REAL :: {Average altitude of ground}
  • [Name=Prof] REAL :: {Average Prof of images}
  • [Name=OffsetXY] Pt2dr :: {Offset to substract from X,Y (To avoid possible round off error)}
  • [Name=CalOFC] string :: {When specified compute initial orientation from centers (in Ori-GenFromC) Ori-${CalOFC}, must contains internal calibrations}
  • [Name=OkNoIm] bool :: {Do not create error if image does not exist (def = false)}
  • [Name=SzW] REAL :: {Size for visualisation}


This tools is designed to convert orientation from Agisoft PhotoScan into MicMac orientation format.





GPS and attitude extracted from telemetry logs are generally structured as followed :

image latitude longitude altitude yaw pitch roll
R0040438.JPG 50.5860992029 4.7957755452 375.046 319.9 8.2 -2.1
R0040439.JPG 50.5864719060 4.7953921650 376.604 319.4 10.1 3.6

In this example (from the UAS GrandLeez dataset, file GPS WPK Grand-Leez.csv), column titles are specified on the first line. Nevertheless, MicMac has its own convention regarding column title. We have to add columns specs but with the symbols K, W, P standing for kappa, omega and phi.

#F=N Y X Z K W P
#image latitude longitude altitude yaw pitch roll
R0040438.JPG 50.5860992029 4.7957755452 375.046 319.9 8.2 -2.1
R0040439.JPG 50.5864719060 4.7953921650 376.604 319.4 10.1 3.6


Once the file has been modified, the following command can be used:

mm3d OriConvert OriTxtInFile GPS_WPK_Grand-Leez.csv Nav-Brut NameCple=FileImagesNeighbour.xml