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Nuage2Ply is used to convert a depth map (or DEM when applicable) to a point cloud in ply format. The color of an image can be projected to the points (option "attr"). In case of a DEM (classically computed by "Malt Ortho"), the ortho-image mosaic computed by Tawny can be used.


The global syntax for Nuage2Ply is :

mm3d Nuage2Ply XMLFile NamedArgs


You can access to the help by typing :

mm3d Nuage2Ply -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Name of XML file}

Named args :

  • [Name=Sz] Pt2dr :: {Sz (to crop)}
  • [Name=P0] Pt2dr :: {Origin (to crop)}
  • [Name=Out] string :: {Name of result (default toto.xml => toto.ply)}
  • [Name=Scale] REAL :: {Do change the scale of result (def=1, 2 mean smaller)}
  • [Name=Attr] string :: {Image to colour the point}
  • [Name=Comments] vector<std::string> :: {Commentary to add in the ply file (Def=None)}
  • [Name=Bin] INT :: {Generate Binary or Ascii (Def=1, Binary)}
  • [Name=Mask] string :: {Supplementary mask image}
  • [Name=SeuilMask] REAL :: {Theshold for supplementary mask}
  • [Name=Dyn] REAL :: {Dynamic of attribute}
  • [Name=DoPly] INT :: {Do Ply, def = true}
  • [Name=DoXYZ] INT :: {Do XYZ, export as RGB image where R=X,G=Y,B=Z}
  • [Name=Normale] INT :: {Add normale (Def=false, usable for Poisson)}
  • [Name=NormByC] INT :: {Replace normal (Def=0, 2=optical center 1=point to center vector)}
  • [Name=ExagZ] REAL :: {To exagerate the depth, Def=1.0}
  • [Name=RatioAttrCarte] REAL
  • [Name=Mesh] bool :: {Do mesh (Def=false)}
  • [Name=64B] bool :: {To generate 64 Bits ply, Def=false, WARN = do not work properly with meshlab or cloud compare}
  • [Name=Offs] Pt3dr :: {Offset in points to limit 32 Bits accuracy problem ; example : Offs=[300000,5000000,0]}
  • [Name=NeighMask] string :: {Mask for neighboors when larger than point selection (for normals computation)}
  • [Name=ForceRGB] bool :: {Force RGB even with gray image (Def=true because of bug in QT)}

Additional comments

The RatioAtrCarte that scaled the image to the same size as the depth map (or DEM) is automatically computed since mid 2014.

The Offs parameter exist to compensate for the maximum number of digits per number that can be stored in a 32bits ply file, too low to store accurate coordinates in a system like UTM where the coordinates are offseted by millions (Typical coordinate (Easting, Northing) looks like : 425170 8763100). The offset substract the given values to the points coordinates:

Pt orig = [425170 8763100 100]
Offs = [420000 8760000 100]
Pt Cor = [2170 3100 0]


For example, with the Ramses dataset, you can launch :

 mm3d Nuage2Ply NuageImProf_STD-MALT_Etape_8.xml Attr=../Ortho-MEC-Malt/Ortho-Eg-Test-Redr.tif RatioAttrCarte=2 Scale=2