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ConvertCalib is a tool that can be used to convert a camera model into another form (ex : convert a RadialStd model into FraserBasic). Both models (in and out) have to be in the MicMac form. The tool is documented in DocMicMac.pdf (16.9.1 ConvertCalib to Calibration conversion).


Sometimes it may be necessary to export a given calibration from one model to another model. For example from Fraser terrestrial model to aerial model. Of course as the mathematicall modelisation of the camera is not the same, this conversion will generally imlply some lost of accuracy. The tool ConvertCalib allow to do such conversion.


mm3d ConvertCalib -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Input Calibration}
  • string :: {Output calibration}

Named args :

  • [Name=NbXY] INT :: {Number of point of the Grid}
  • [Name=NbProf] INT :: {Number of depth}
  • [Name=DRMax] INT :: {Max degree of radial dist (def=depend Output calibration)}
  • [Name=DegGen] INT :: {Max degree of generik polynom (def=depend Output calibration)}
  • [Name=PPFree] bool :: {Principal point free (Def=true)}
  • [Name=CDFree] bool :: {Distorsion center free (def=true)}
  • [Name=FocFree] bool :: {Focal free (def=true)}
  • [Name=DecFree] bool :: {Decentrik free (def=true when appliable)}

The first argument is a file containg the calibration to be converted. The second is a file that contains a model of the targeted calibration. The optional arguments can be used to control which of the parameters should be adjusted or not.


The folder Documentation/NEW-DATA/DocConvertCalib contains data to test this tool : — Aerial.xml a calibration with aerial model (PPA and PPS separated); — Fraser-Affine.xml a calibration with fraser model (PPA and PPS merged, decentric distorsion); For example , if we want to produce a convertion to fraser model, without affine distorsion and a one parameter of radial distorsion, we can run : mm3d ConvertCalib Aerial.xml Fraser-Affine.xml DRMax=1 DegGen=0 ....

============================= ERRROR MAX PTS FL ======================


Value=0.145258 for Cam=Fraser-Affine.xml and Pt=Pt_0_0_1 ; MoyErr=0.0623394


--- End Iter 16 ETAPE 0

The average accuracy will be 0.063 pixel, it is measured as the average error re-projection of synthetic 3d points.