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The CmpCalib command compares two files of calibrations (in general of the same camera).

Calibration parameters of a camera can not be directly compared, the command estimates a rotation to align the parameters. The output file Delta Calib.txt contains a function which gives the differences between the two sets of calibration as function of the radius and a grid which provides planimetric vector deviation between each rays directions.


The basic syntax requires 2 args :

mm3d CmpCalib Calibration1 Calibration2 
  • Calibration file corresponds to Ori-***/AutoCal_Foc-***.xml .


A basic help can be asked with

 mm3d CmpCalib -help 

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {First calibration file}
  • string :: {Second calibration file}

Named args :

  • [Name=Teta01] REAL
  • [Name=Teta02] REAL
  • [Name=Teta12] REAL
  • [Name=L1] INT
  • [Name=SzW] INT
  • [Name=DynV] REAL
  • [Name=Out] string :: {Result (Def=Name1_ecarts.txt)}
  • [Name=DispW] bool :: {Display window}
  • [Name=XmlG] string :: {Generate Xml}


For example, in the Pierrerue Tutorial dataset, you can launch after the final adjustment :

mm3d CmpCalib Ori-Pierrerue/AutoCal*.xml Ori-MEP-Terrain/AutoCal*.xml  DispW=1

Plotting results with Matplotlib

Here is a python script to plot the output(s) from CmpCalib command : [1]

CmpCalib plot.jpg

How to use it :

 python ./ Output_from_CmpCalib.txt 

For several :

 python ./ Output1_from_CmpCalib.txt Output2_from_CmpCalib.txt ...