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Picto-liste.png List of commands


C3DC is used for Automatic Matching from Culture 3D Cloud project. The C3DC command is the command that compute automatically a point cloud from a set of oriented images.


The global syntax for C3DC is :

mm3d C3DC EnumeratedValues FullName Orientation NamedArgs

Allowed commands

  • Ground : not supported for now
  • Statue : stereoscopic (strictly epipolar mode (ie. best stereographic pairs)) with ZoomF=2, ie. high preset 1pt/4px (with less noise) [[1]]
  • Forest : stereoscopic (strictly epipolar mode (ie. best stereographic pairs)) with ZoomF=4, ie. medium preset 1pt/16px
  • TestIGN : not supported for now
  • QuickMac : multistereoscopic with ZoomF=8, ie. low preset 1pt/64px, [[2]]
  • MicMac : multistereoscopic with ZoomF=4, ie. medium preset 1pt/16px, [[3]]
  • BigMac : multistereoscopic with ZoomF=2 ie. high preset 1pt/4px, [[4]]
  • MTDTmp : not supported for now


You can access to the help by typing : mm3d C3DC -help

Mandatory unnamed args :
*string :: {Type in enumerated values}
*string :: {Full Name (Dir+Pattern)}
*string :: {Orientation}

Named args :
*[Name=Masq3D] string :: {3D masq for point selection}
*[Name=Out] string :: {final result (Def=C3DC.ply)}
*[Name=SzNorm] INT :: {Sz of param for normal evaluation (<=0 if none, Def=2means 5x5) }
*[Name=PlyCoul] bool :: {Colour in ply ? (Def = true)}
*[Name=Tuning] bool :: {Will disappear one day ...}
*[Name=Purge] bool :: {Purge result, (Def=true)}
*[Name=DownScale] REAL :: {DownScale of Final result, Def depends on mode}
*[Name=ZoomF] INT :: {Zoom final, Def depends on mode}
*[Name=UseGpu] bool :: {Use cuda (Def=false)}
*[Name=DefCor] REAL :: {Def correlation, context depend}
*[Name=ZReg] REAL :: {Regularisation, context depend}
*[Name=ExpTxt] bool :: {Use txt tie points for determining image pairs}
*[Name=FilePair] string :: {Explicit pairs of images (as in Tapioca)}
*[Name=DebugMMByP] bool :: {Debug MMByPair ...}
*[Name=Bin] bool :: {Generate Binary or Ascii (Def=true, Binary)}
*[Name=ExpImSec] bool :: {Export Images Secondair, def=true}
*[Name=OffsetPly] Pt3dr :: {Ply offset to overcome 32 bits problem}


The QuickMac uses the MMInitialModel as matcher, which is quite fast on CPU.


For example, in the Mur Saint Martin dataset, you can launch :

mm3d C3DC MicMac "IMGP.*JPG" MEP-Terrain Masq3D=AperiCloud_MEP-Terrain.ply Out=C3DC_MicMac_MurSaintMartin.ply