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The general tool for computing orientation of images is Apero, this is a relatively complex tool. These sections describe a set of basic tools offering a simplified interface to some of the elementary functionalities of Apero.

Apero starts from tie points generated by Pastis, and optional complementary measurements, and generates external and internal orientations compatible with these measurements.


Here is an example for calling Apero:

  • bin/Apero ../micmac_data/Ref-Apero/Test-Lion/AperoQuick.xml

For all these complex tools, that exit in an XML file, there is a formal description of the XML file that is correct from the syntactic point of view. These XML formal description files are all located in the include/XML GEN/ directory. For example, the file include/XML_GEN/ParamApero.xml contains a formal description of the XML files which are syntactically valid XML files for the Apero program.