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Often the Gps information is not in separate files but directly embeded in the exif metadat. The tools [XifGps2Xml] and [XifGps2Txt] allow to do extract this information and convert it to texte or xml file.


The global syntax for OriExport is :

mm3d XifGps2Xml FullName Orientation NamedArgs


You can access to the help by typing :

mm3d XifGps2Xml -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Full Name}
  • string :: {Orientation}

Named args :

  • [Name=DoRTL] bool :: {Do Local Tangent RTL (def=true)}
  • [Name=RTL] string :: {Name RTL}
  • [Name=SysCo] string :: {System of coordinates, by default RTL created (RTLFromExif.xml)}
  • [Name=DefZ] REAL

Options :

  • DoRTL : Transform the coordinate in RTL.
  • RTL : Name of the file which define the RTL.
  • DefZ : Will allow to specify the altitude value, not implemanted for now.
  • SysCo : Allow to change the coordinate system.


For example, with :

mm3d XifGps2Xml .*jpg Test
  • For each image, containing gps data in exif, a file is created containing the gps information in xml micmac format.
  • For example for Image100.jpg, Ori-Test/Orientation-Image100.jpg.xml is created, in xml micmac format.
  • The coordinate system is a local tangent sytem, with origin at centre of images.
  • The file RTLFromExif.xml contains the definition of this system in MicMac format.