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./mm3d TestLib SeamlineFeathering -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

 * string :: {ortho pattern}

Named args :

 * [Name=Out] string :: {Name of resulting map}
 * [Name=Dist] INT :: {Distance for seamline feathering blending, in chamfer 32 distance : 0-244, default 50. Processing time increases considerably with large values}
 * [Name=Lambda] REAL :: {lambda value for gaussian distance weighting, def 0.4.}
 * [Name=Label] string :: {label/index map (tif) previously computed by Tawny. If not provided, generate a new label map based on incidence value}
 * [Name=ComputeRE] bool :: {Compute Radiometric Equalization models with TestLib EROS. def false}
 * [Name=ApplyRE] bool :: {Apply Radiometric Equalization? require to dertermine models of radiometric equalization beforehand (mm3d TestLib EROS or ComputeRE==1). def false}
 * [Name=FileRE] string :: {Name of xml file with models of Radiometric Equalization, def 'RadiomEgalModels.xml'. }
 * [Name=SzBox] Pt2di :: {Size [pix] of mosaic tile for multiprocess computation, def=[10000,10000].}
 * [Name=SzTile] Pt2di :: {Size [pix] of mosaic tile for writing result, def=[25000,25000].}
 * [Name=Buffer] INT :: {Buffer [pix] to apply for each tile in order to avoid edge effect, def=300.}
 * [Name=Debug] bool :: {Write intermediate results for debug purpose.}
 * [Name=TmpDir] string :: {Directory for intermediate results generated in debug mode.}