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Picto-liste.png List of commands


An easy way to indicate which part of the scene you want to use, is to create a mask on a rectified mosaic. The tool Tarama allows to create such mosaic. At this step the relief is unknown and the rectification is made with the assumption that Z = ZM oy, so of course these mosaic are not very accurate.


The syntax is mm3d Tarama Unnamedargs Namedargs


Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Full Image (Dir+Pat)}
  • string :: {Orientation}

Named args :

  • [Name=Zoom] INT :: {Resolution, (Def=8, must be pow of 2)}
  • [Name=Repere] string :: {Local coordinate system as created with RepLocBascule}
  • [Name=Out] string :: {Directory for output (Deg=TA)}
  • [Name=ZMoy] REAL :: {Average value of Z}
  • [Name=KNadir] INT :: {KBest image or Nadir (when exist)}
  • [Name=IncMax] REAL :: {Maximum incidence of image}
  • [Name=UnUseAXC] bool :: {Internal use for unanamorphosed ortho}


With the Mur Saint Martin data set, using the orientation created with SBGlobBascule (,one can type :
mm3d Tarama "IMGP41((6[7-9])|([7-8][0-9])).JPG" LocBasc