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My first job is to devlop new methods and algorithms in photogrammetry, and to implement them inside the MicMac software. But there is nothing like particpating to real photogrammetric survey, to see if your new algorithm are as robust as you pretend in papers ;-) That's primarly why I like so much to particpate to these survey. Of course, the fact that they occur in foreign country and that it's the opportunity to meet new people is not bad either.

  • Photogrammetric survey of "la Jeanne Elisabeth" (wreck) with DRASSM (funder), Septembre 2009.
  • Several survey inside de GIS (group of scientific interest) of Draix to test terestrial and UAV photogrammetry for quantification of soil erosion.


  • Survey of QianLong tomb (east of Beijing) inside ANR SINETOMB (funder); SINETOMB had not been authorized to bring a LiDAR, the challenge was to modelize the full tomb with tourist photo acquired in 2 hours (2010).
  • One month survey on Mururoa Atoll, in collaboration with CEA (funder) and compagnu "l'avion jaune" for a full UAV photogrammetric cartography of Mururoa and Fangatofa; the scientific challenge was to do bathymetry by photogrammetry using the fact that water was very clear;
  • Several mission with CETA-Rouen (now CEREMA) for photogrammetry applied to erosion (terrestrial for cliff, UAV for landslide, cave with fishey ...)
  • Two weeks mission in Louxor Egypt, leading a 5 personn team (ENSG, MATIS and Map-CNRS) in collaboration with "département des antiquités égyptiennes du musée du Louvre" (funder), for a full photogrammetric suvey of Meremptah's tomb; the produced data are use to make a full publication of the tomb (2010).
  • Several mission with laboratory MAP-CNRS (funder) for UAV photogrammetric suvrey : citadelle de Salse (2008), archéological site of Pompéi (2011 et 2013), Abbaye de Saint Michel de Cuxa (2012) ;
  • Misson for a complet photogrammetric modelisation of of fragments in the site of Delphes, in collaboration with "l’école française d’Athènes", inside the event « Marseille, ville grecque » (financeur), (2011) ;
  • Regular mission in the site of Kamesh, Tunisie, in collaboration with IRD (funder) to devlop a photogrammetric methology for soil erosion from kite; the objective is to devlop a full pipeline (acquisition and treatments) adapted to south countries (2011, 2012 and 2013)
  • Survey in Notre-Dame des Fontaines, La Brigue, (full ortho photo of fresques by photogrammétrie)inside ANR Monumentum, 23-27 mars 2015;
  • Various punctual expertises and expérimentations  : musée Rodin, C2RMF (Louvre/CNRS), DRAC de corse, musée des arts décoratifs, Institut de Paléontologie Humaine, château de Versailles, EHESS.