Survey of Marc Pierrot Deseilligny

De MicMac
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  • Photogrammetric survey of "la Jeanne Elisabeth" (wreck) with DRASSM (funder), Septembre 2009.
  • Several survey inside de GIS (group of scientific interest) of Draix to test terestrial and UAV photogrammetry for quantification of soil erosion.


  • Survey of QianLong tomb (east of Beijing) inside ANR SINETOMB (funder); SINETOMB had not been authorized to bring a LiDAR, the challenge was to modelize the full tomb with tourist photo acquired in 2 hours (2010).
  • One month survey on Mururoa Atoll, in collaboration with CEA (funder) and compagnu "l'avion jaune" for a full UAV photogrammetric cartography of Mururoa and Fangatofa; the scientific challenge was to do bathymetry by photogrammetry using the fact that water was very clear;
  • Several mission with CETA-Rouen (now CEREMA) for photogrammetry applied to erosion (terrestrial for cliff, UAV for landslide, cave with fishey ...)
  • Two weeks mission in Louxor Egypt, leading a 5 personn team (ENSG, MATIS and Map-CNRS) in collaboration with "département des antiquités égyptiennes du musée du Louvre" (funder), for a full photogrammetric suvey of Meremptah's tomb; the produced data are use to make a full publication of the tomb (2010).
  • Several mission with laboratory MAP-CNRS (funder) for UAV photogrammetric suvrey : citadelle de Salse (2008), archéological site of Pompéi (2011 et 2013), Abbaye de Saint Michel de Cuxa (2012) ;
  • Misson for a complet photogrammetric modelisation of of fragments in the site of Delphes, in collaboration with "l’école française d’Athènes", inside the event « Marseille, ville grecque » (financeur), (2011) ;
  • Regular mission in the site of Kamesh, Tunisie, in collaboration with IRD (funder) to devlop a photogrammetric methology for soil erosion from kite; the objective is to devlop a full pipeline (acquisition and treatments) adapted to south countries (2011, 2012 and 2013)
  • Survey in Notre-Dame des Fontaines, La Brigue, (full ortho photo of fresques by photogrammétrie)inside ANR Monumentum, 23-27 mars 2015;
  • Various punctual expertises and expérimentations  : musée Rodin, C2RMF (Louvre/CNRS), DRAC de corse, musée des arts décoratifs, Institut de Paléontologie Humaine, château de Versailles, EHESS.