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Picto-liste.png List of commands


SaisieMasq is a very simple tool to edit mask images. It creates a binary mask image from a polygonal selection in the displayed image.

Processing is as follow :

  • Click: add a point to polygon
  • Shift click: close polygon and apply selection
  • Ctrl + right click: delete last point
  • Shift + right click + Coul : switch between add mode and remove mode
  • Shift + right click + Exit : save mask image and Xml file and quit


The global syntax for SaisieMasq is

mm3d SaisieMasq NameOfInputImage NamedArgs 


You can access to the help by typing :

mm3d SaisieMasq -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Name of input image}

Named args :

  • [Name=SzW] Pt2di :set window size (default=[900,700])
  • [Name=Post] string :change postfix output file (default=_Masq)
  • [Name=Name] string :: {Name of result, default toto->toto_Masq.tif}
  • [Name=Gama] REAL : apply gamma to image
  • [Name=Attr] string : string to add to postfix

Meaning of args is:

  • First arg: pattern specifying the images to load (can be 1 or more images) - regular expression are supported.
  • optional SzW, def = [900, 700], size of display window.
  • optional Post, def = ”Masq” , postfix to add to output filename.
  • optional Name, name of result.
  • optional Gama, def = 1.0 , gama applied to images, it can help with dark images, or wide dynamics.
  • optional Attr, text to add to postfix.


For example, with the Mur Saint-Martin dataset you can launch :

mm3d SaisieMasq IMGP4173.JPG Attr=MonPlan