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The xml file containing 2D coordinates can be generated using interfaces SaisieAppuisInit and SaisieAppuisPredic in Linux. When the global transform between ground control points and image relative orientations is known, we can switch to the predictive interface SaisieAppuisPredic which will display the remaining ground control points, loaded from the Xml file AppRTL.xml. You need to adjust points image location and validate them.


The global syntax for SaisieAppuisPredic is
mm3d SaisieAppuisPredic + arguments


You can access to the help by typing :

mm3d SaisieAppuisPredic -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Full Name (Dir+Pattern)}
  • string :: {Orientation}
  • string :: {File for Ground Control Points}
  • string :: {File for Image Measurements}

Named args :

  • [Name=SzW] Pt2di :: {Size of global window (Def 800 800)}
  • [Name=NbF] Pt2di :: {Number of Sub Window (Def 2 2)}
  • [Name=WBlur] REAL :: {Size IN GROUND GEOMETRY of bluring for target}
  • [Name=Type] string :: {in [MaxLoc,MinLoc,GeoCube]}
  • [Name=ForceGray] bool :: {Force gray image, def=true}
  • [Name=OriMode] string :: {Orientation type (GRID) (Def=Std)}
  • [Name=ZMoy] REAL :: {Average Z, Mandatory in PB}
  • [Name=ZInc] REAL :: {Incertitude on Z, Mandatory in PB}
  • [Name=Masq3D] string :: {3D Masq used for visibility}
  • [Name=PIMsF] string :: {PIMs filter used for visibility}
  • [Name=InputSec] string :: {PIMs filter used for visibility}


mm3d SaisieAppuisPredic "Abbey-.*jpg" RTL-Init AppRTL.xml MesureFinale.xml