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Picto-liste.png List of commands


This section describes SaisieAppuisInit the graphic interface to input 2D and 3D coordinates of ground control points.


The global syntax for SaisieAppuisInit is :

mm3d SaisieAppuisInit FullName Orientation PointName Output NamedArgs


You can access to the help by typing :

mm3d SaisieAppuisInit -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Full name (Dir+Pattern)}
  • string :: {Orientation ; NONE if not used}
  • string :: {Point name, or point file name}
  • string :: {Output}

Named args :

  • [Name=SzW] Pt2di :: {Sz of window}
  • [Name=NbF] Pt2di :: {Nb of sub window (Def depends of number of images with max of 2x2)}
  • [Name=NameAuto] string :: { Prefix for automatic point creation}
  • [Name=Pref2Add] string :: { Prefix to add during import (for bug correction ?)}
  • [Name=ForceGray] bool :: { Force gray image, def =true}
  • [Name=OriMode] string :: {Orientation type (GRID) (Def=Std)}
  • [Name=ZMoy] REAL :: {Average Z, Mandatory in PB}
  • [Name=ZInc] REAL :: {Incertitude on Z, Mandatory in PB}
  • [Name=InputSec] string :: {PIMs filter used for visibility}


For example with the Saint-Michel de Cuxa data set :

SaisieAppuisInit "Abbey-IMG_(021[12]|023[3456]).jpg" All-Rel NamePointInit.txt MesureInit.xml