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The tool OriExport can convert MicMac external oriention to the de facto standard codification using omega-phi-kappa. For now it's quite basic and all the options are not implemented. However, it should solve the majority of problem relative to exporting resuls in classical photogrammetric softwares.


The global syntax for OriExport is :

mm3d OriExport FullName Results NamedArgs


You can access to the help by typing :

mm3d AperiCLoud -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Full Directory (Dir+Pattern)}
  • string :: {Results}

Named args :

  • [Name=AddF] bool :: {Add format as first line of header, def= false}
  • [Name=ModeExp] string :: {Mode export, def=WPK (Omega Phi Kapa)}


An example with Cuxha data set :

mm3d OriExport Ori-All-Rel/Orientation-Abbey-IMG_034.*.jpg.xml res.txt



OriExport will generate the file res.txt containinig :

Abbey-IMG_0340.jpg -4.304443 11.785803 136.229854 -5.491274 2.702560 -0.004106
Abbey-IMG_0341.jpg -3.775959 11.249636 137.040260 -6.109496 2.042527 0.097497
Abbey-IMG_0342.jpg -3.849398 11.231276 137.533559 -6.707432 1.351133 0.224315
Abbey-IMG_0343.jpg -3.921196 11.302498 137.899618 -7.334180 0.668316 0.362218

Which correspond to :

ImageName X Y Z omega phi kappa

NB : The image coordinates are exported in the system you have choosen (often a local euclidian frame).

Rotation matrix

Matrix R gives rotation terms to compute parameters in matrix encoding with respect to omega-phi-kappa angles given by the tool OriExport.

\begin{equation} R= \begin{pmatrix} \cos(\phi)\cos(\kappa) & \cos(\phi)\sin(\kappa) & -\sin(\phi)\\ \cos(\omega)\sin(\kappa) + \sin(\omega)\sin(\phi)\cos(\kappa) & -\cos(\omega)\cos(\kappa) + \sin(\omega)\sin(\phi)\sin(\kappa) & \sin(\omega)\cos(\phi)\\ \sin(\omega)\sin(\kappa)-\cos(\omega)\sin(\phi)\cos(\kappa) & -\sin(\omega)\cos(\kappa)-\cos(\omega)\sin(\phi)\sin(\kappa) & -\cos(\omega)\cos(\phi) \end{pmatrix} \end{equation}

For example OriExport will give in degree:

The corresponding matrix encoding using R is:

<L1>0.969777798578237427 -0.210783330505758815 0.122887790140630643</L1>
<L2>-0.199121821850641506 -0.974794184828703614 -0.100631989382226852</L2>
<L3>0.141001849092942777 0.0731210284736428379 -0.987305319416100224</L3>