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About all commands

All commands come with an inline Help that can be accessed by typing :

mm3d CommandName -help

Commands have Unnamed and Named arguments. The Unnamed are mandatory and must be given in order while the Named can be given in any order. For instance:

mm3d CommandName UnnamedValue1 UnnamedValue2 NamedArg1=NamedValue1 NamedArg2=NamedValue2

If you have a version of MicMac that include the QT tools (binaries from the IGN download page or self compiled with the QT option activated), each command come with a GUI containing the options to fill and a file selection tool when appropriate. These GUI can be called using the command with a v prefix:

mm3d vCommandName



  • AperiCloud : Visualization of camera in ply file
  • Apero : Compute external and internal orientations
  • Apero2Meshlab : Convert Orientation from Apero-Micmac workflow to a meshlab-compatible format
  • Apero2NVM : Matthieu Moneyrond's convertor to VSfM, MVE, SURE, MeshRecon
  • Apero2PMVS : Convert Orientation from Apero-Micmac workflow to PMVS format
  • AperoChImSecMM : Select secondary images for MicMac
  • Arsenic : IN DEV : Radiometric equalization from tie points
  • Aspro : Init External orientation of calibrated camera from GCP


  • Bascule : Generate orientations coherent with some physical information on the scene
  • BatchFDC : Tool for batching a set of commands
  • Blinis : Block Initialisation



  • Dequant : Tool for dequantifying an image
  • Digeo : In development- Will compute tie points
  • DIV : Videos development (require ffmpeg)
  • Donuts : Cyl to Torus (Donuts like)
  • Drunk : Images distortion removing tool



  • FFTKugelhupf : Version of Kugelhupf using FFT, expecetd faster when it works (if ever ...)
  • FieldDep3d : To export results of matching as 3D shifting




  • Im2XYZ : tool to transform a 2D point (text file) to their 3D cloud homologous
  • ImMire : For generation of some synthetic calibration image
  • Impaint : Basic Impainting
  • ImRandGray : Generate Random Gray Textured Images
  • Init11P : Init Internal & External from GCP using 11-parameters algo
  • InitOriLinear : Initialize orientation for linear acquisition


  • Kugelhupf : Semi-automatic fiducial points determination


  • Liquor : Orientation specialized for linear acquisition
  • LumRas : Compute image mixing with raking light


  • MakeGrid : Generate orientations in a grid format
  • Malt : Simplified matching (interface to MicMac)
  • MapCmd : Transforms a command working on a single file in a command working on a set of files
  • Martini : New orientation initialisation (uncomplete, still in dev...)
  • MartiniGin : New orientation initialisation (uncomplete, still in dev...)
  • MergeDepthMap : Merging of individual, stackable, depth maps
  • MergeHomol : Merge Homol dir
  • MergePly : Merge ply files
  • MeshProjOnImg : Reproject mesh on image
  • MICMAC : Computes image matching from oriented images
  • MICMACSaisieLiaisons : Low level version of SEL, not recommended
  • MM1P : Matching One Pair of images
  • MM2DPosSism : Simplified interface for post 2D post sismic deformation
  • MMByP : Matching By Pair of images
  • MMCalcSzWCor : Compute Image of Size of correlation windows (Atomic tool, for adaptive window in geom image)
  • MMHomCorOri : Tool to compute homologues for correcting orientation in epip matching
  • MMInitialModel : Initial Model for MicMac
  • MMMergeCloud : Merging of low resol cloud, in preparation 2 MicMac
  • MMPyram : Computes pyram for micmac (internal use)
  • MMTestAllAuto : Full automatic version for 1 view point, test mode
  • MMTestOrient : Tool for testing quality of orientation
  • MMXmlXif : Generate Xml from Xif (internal use mainly)
  • mmxv : Interface to xv (due to problem in tiff lib)
  • Morito : Merge set of Orientations with common values
  • MpDcraw : Interface to dcraw
  • MPDtest : My own test
  • MyRename : File renaming using posix regular expression



  • OldTapas : Interface to Apero to compute external and internal orientations
  • Ori2Xml : Convert "historical" Matis'Ori format to xml
  • OriConvert : Convert Orientation from Txt 2 XML
  • OriExport : Export orientation from XML to XML or TXT with specified convention
  • OriRedTieP : Tie points filtering, using Martini results


  • PanelIm : Tool for creating a panel of images
  • Pasta : Compute external calibration and radial basic internal calibration
  • Pastis : Tie points detection
  • PatFromOri : Get pattern of images from Ori folder
  • PHO_MI : Filter homologue points from initial orientation to reduce number of observations
  • PIMs : Per Image Matchings
  • PIMs2Mnt : Generate Mnt from Per Image Matchings
  • PIMs2Ply : Generate Ply from Per Image Matchings
  • Porto : Generates a global ortho-photo
  • Prep4masq : Generates files for making Masks (if SaisieMasq unavailable)


  • Ratafia : Some stuff to be described later
  • RedTieP : Test tie points filtering
  • RepLocBascule : Tool to define a local repair without changing the orientation
  • ReprojImg : Reproject an image into geometry of another
  • ReSampFid : Resampling using one fiducial mark


  • SaisieAppuisInit : Interactive tool for initial capture of GCP
  • SaisieAppuisInitQT : Interactive tool for initial capture of GCP
  • SaisieAppuisPredic : Interactive tool for assisted capture of GCP
  • SaisieAppuisPredicQT : Interactive tool for assisted capture of GCP
  • SaisieBasc : Interactive tool to capture information on the scene
  • SaisieBascQT : Interactive tool to capture information on the scene
  • SaisieBoxQT : Interactive tool to capture 2D box
  • SaisieCyl : Interactive tool to capture information on the scene for cylinders
  • SaisieCylQT : Interactive tool to capture information on the scene for cylinders
  • SaisieMasq : Interactive tool to capture masq
  • SaisieMasqQT : Interactive tool to capture masq
  • SaisiePts : Tool to capture GCP (low level, not recommended)
  • Sake : Simplified MicMac interface for satellite images
  • SateLib : Library of satellite images meta-data handling - early work in progress!
  • SBGlobBascule : Tool for 'scene based global' bascule
  • ScaleIm : Tool for image scaling
  • ScaleNuage : Tool for scaling internal representation of point cloud
  • Schnaps : Reduction of homologue points in image geometry
  • ScriptCalib : Do some stuff
  • SEL : Tool to visualize tie points
  • SetExif : Modification of exif file (requires exiv2)
  • SetGpsExif : Add GPS infos in images exif meta-data (requires exiv2)
  • Sift : Tool for extracting points of interest using Lowe's SIFT method
  • SimplePredict : Project ground points on oriented cameras
  • SMDM : Simplified Merging of individual, stackable, depth maps
  • SplitMPO : tool to develop MPO stereo format in pair of images
  • StackFlatField : Basic Flat Field estimation by image stacking
  • StatIm : Tool for basic stat on an image
  • SupMntIm : Tool for superposition of Mnt Im & level curve
  • SysCoordPolyn : Tool for creating a polynomial coordinate system from a set of known pair of coordinate


  • Tapas : NEW version !! Compatible . Call "OldTapas" if problem specific to this version
  • Tapioca : Interface to Pastis for tie point detection and matching
  • Tarama : Compute a rectified image
  • Tawny : Interface to Porto to generate ortho-image
  • Tequila : Texture mesh
  • TestBundleInter : Block Initialisation
  • TestCam : Test camera orientation convention
  • TestChantier : Test global acquisition
  • TestCmds : Test MM3D commands on micmac_data sets
  • TestDistM2C : Basic Test for problematic camera
  • TestKey : Test Keys for Sets and Assoc
  • TestLib : To call the program illustrating the library
  • TestMTD : Test meta data of image
  • TestNameCalib : Test Name of calibration
  • TestPbRPC : Test possible Problems on RPC
  • TestRegEx : Test regular expression
  • TiePAll : matches points of interest of two images
  • TiePByMesh : Raffiner pts homologue par mesh
  • TiePLine : matches points of interest of two images
  • TiePMS : matches points of interest of two images
  • TifDev : Develop raw-jpg-tif, in suitable tiff file
  • tiff_info : Tool for giving information about a tiff file
  • TiPunch : Compute mesh
  • to8Bits : Tool for converting 16 or 32 bit image in a 8 bit image.
  • TripleSec : Test Non Regression


  • Undist : Tool for removing images distortion


  • Vino : Image Viewer
  • Vodka : IN DEV : Compute the vignette correction parameters from tie points
  • VV : A very simplified tool for 3D model of visage out of video, just for fun


  • XifGps2Txt : Export embedded EXIF GPS data 2 Txt
  • XifGps2Xml : Create MicMac-Xml struct from GPS embedded in EXIF
  • XLib : Xeres Lib - early work in progress!
  • XYZ2Im : tool to transform a 3D point (text file) to their 2D proj in cam or cloud


  • Zlimit : Crop Depth image (or DEM) in Z