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Sometime, I have difficulty to remember what I did on MicMac last month, year .... so I decided to put some traceabilility, and why not on this wiki so to possibly exchange with other

curent action

RPC used in satellite modelisation are very instable when used with value outside of their training zone. This create problems when in noisy zone MicMac creates Z outside the validity domain. I am currently modifying MicMac/Malt so that optionaly the AutoMasq (masq computed of "good" points) reject the points where Z is outside the MinMax.

Small thing "to do list"


There is a bug when creating epipolar images with big images.

Big Tiff

Big tiff is now suported by Micmac. It works when reading, but there is some strange result in writing. Now writing is prohibited and the old tiling systems used again. It has to be finalized. A possible solution if the bug is to hard, would be to use the tiling in computation and make a final export in big tiff ?

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