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This page is aimed at the collaborators of this wiki. This wiki doesn't have a unlimited storage capacity and we want to have the same formalism for each pages so some guidelines are needed. So please try to respect the guidelines below to create or edit a page of this wiki. Here, you will find the simple way to include classic objects, etc.... If you want to use more complex things, try to ask internet your question, with "mediawiki" at the end. Mediawiki support HTML, but we prefer to use the wiki formalism.

Upload a file

To upload a file for the wiki, a image for example, please use Spécial:Téléverser and follow the instructions. Remind, our server storage capacity isn't unlimited, so try to limit the file size to 5mo. For images, to reduce siez, you can crop, re-size or take a screenshot.


When you cite a MicMac command or something else, you can try to use hyperlink :



The storage capacity of our server isn't unlimited, so we try to only import pictures small in size (5Mo max). To reduce the size, you can crop, decrease dimension or screenshot your picture. To import an image, go on the page "Import file" (on the left column) and add your image. Then use :



If you want to display a MicMac command or any other source code extract, you can use the tag "<pre></pre>" which produce :

Code Source Example

An other tag "<code></code>" is available but it doesn't manage multiple lines.


If you want to create a title, it's really simple, just use :



Videos, are generally oversized for our wiki. So if you want to include a video, please contact wiki-editors, to send your video, it will be added to the MicMac channel on youtube. Then you can use :


Collapsible elements

If you want to use collapsible elements, you have to use HTML and :

<div class="toccolours mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="background-color: Lavender">
   <h6 style="font-family: Helvetica:font-size: 40px">element_title</h6>
   <div class="mw-collapsible-content">Content</div>