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Marc Pierrot Deseilligny, 09/2016
  • Students : my supervising activity (PhD, Trainee, jury ...)
  • Funded project : the external project (i.e. outside IGN) that fund my research activity
  • Surveys : the survey I was lucky to participate
  • Animation : society, organisation of congress, summer school ..

I am a senior researcher (directeur de recherche) at IGN [1]. Currently I work at ENSG [2] where I do teaching and at LaSTIG [3] were I do my research. As I am convinced that research must be closely linked to teaching, I am very happy about my situation.

The principal theme of my scientific career is the “Image processing applied to data production for geographic information systems’. Until 2003, my research was focussed on “Automatic interpretation of scanned maps”. Since 2003, I have mainly worked in the field of photogrammetry. My research has always had applied objectives, closely linked to the industrial sector. I spent two thirds of my career at IGN.

Since 2003, my photogrammetric research is integrated in the same software named MicMac. In 2007, I proposed to IGN to make MicMac a free open source project, my motivation was two fold :

  • I am deeply persuaded that it is a good thing that intangible property are shared for free (1)
  • I am deeply persuaded that free open source is a necessary condition to preserve freedom in digital area [4].

I am very gratefull to IGN for having accepted it. I never regretted this choice; among many benefit, I must mention the fact that now they are several contributors who are all friends.

(1) my personnal opinion is that is should be mandatory, at least when they are produced by public company


Tricky FAQ about MicMac and me

  • what does MicMac mean ? : essentially nothing, in french it's a funny name that means "mix-up"; but later we imagined an interpretation to make it professionnal "Multi Image Correspondance , Méthodes Automatiques de Corrélation"
  • why do main commands have drinkable or ugly name, are you an alcoholic ? I do not think so, even if I enjoy drinking wine with friends, however these naming conventions are a good way to keep you away of taking yourself too seriously
  • Is Marc Pierrot your first name ? No definitevely Marc is my first name and "Pierrot Deseilligny" my family name

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