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MicMac is an open source project that aims at being cross platform. Very few dependencies are mandatory to have the core program work.

The following platforms are "officially" supported, but it is possible to install MicMac on most x86/x64 platforms (Windows Xp-Vista-7-8-10, Mac OSX, Fedora, RHEL, Ubuntu...).


Learn how to Install MicMac on Ubuntu.

Here is some basic steps on how to use commands Ubuntu.


Learn how to install MicMac on Windows


Learn how to install MicMac on MAC

Raspberry Pi

Learn how to install MicMac on Raspberry Pi

Useful softwares for MicMac

Here are some really useful tools to visualize the different 3D products :

  • MeshLab : (all platform are supported). This software is generally used for points clouds visualization, surface reconstruction and texturing.
  • CloudCompare : (all platforms). Similar to Meshlab, possibly more up to date and richer in tools.

Other tools that may be useful: :

  • Nautilus open terminal : You can install it with : sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal (Linux platform only). This module is really useful for opening a terminal directly from the image directory.
  • AperoDeDenis : You can download the GUI from CEREMA for MicMac, and all MicMac (600 MO), at this address :
    login : culture3d
    password : culture3d