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This command can be used when you have the necessary spatial information to retrieve false tie points. The command HomolFilterMasq can do some filtering on tie points. The masking process can be purerly in image geometry or can be done in some ground geometry.


The global syntax for HomolFilterMasq is :

mm3d HomolFilterMasq ImagePattern


HomolFilterMasq is a tool dedicated to filter tie point. So you have to use it after tie points computation by Tapioca and before orientation computation by Tapas (or Martini) and before tie point reduction by Schnaps.
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You can access to the help by typing :

mm3d HomolFilterMasq -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Full name (Dir+Pat)}

Named args :

  • [Name=PostPlan] string :: {Post to plan, Def : toto ->toto_Masq.tif like with SaisieMasq}
  • [Name=GlobalMasq] string :: {Global Masq to add to all image}
  • [Name=KeyCalculMasq] string :: {For tuning masq per image}
  • [Name=KeyEquivNoMasq] string :: {When given if KENM(i1)==KENM(i2), don't masq}
  • [Name=Resol] REAL :: {Sub Resolution for masq storing, Def=10}
  • [Name=ANM] bool :: {Accept no mask, def = true if MasqGlob and false else}
  • [Name=ExpTxt] bool :: {Ascii format for in and out, def=false}
  • [Name=PostIn] string :: {Post for Input dir Hom, Def=}
  • [Name=PostOut] string :: {Post for Output dir Hom, Def=MasqFiltered}
  • [Name=OriMasq3D] string :: {Orientation for Masq 3D}
  • [Name=Masq3D] string :: {File of Masq3D, Def=AperiCloud_${OriMasq3D}.ply}
  • [Name=SelecTer] Pt2dr :: {[Per,Prop] Period of tiling on ground selection, Prop=proporion of selected}
  • [Name=DistId] REAL :: {Supress pair such that d(P1,P2) < DistId, def unused}
  • [Name=DistH] REAL :: {Distance for filtering homologous point}

Main options


Set PostPlan=Filter if you have changed the default postfix used by SaisieMasq. By default it will generate an error if a masq does not exist : set ANM=true if you know that non existing masq for some images is normal.


Set GlobalMasq if you have a masq common to all images (for example if you want to filter fiducial marqs).


If you want to apply a set of masks depending on the name of the pictures, you can add a computation key in MicMac-LocalChantierDescripteur.xml.

Example :

<IsParametrized> true </IsParametrized>
<Arrite> 1 1 </Arrite>
<PatternTransform> [0-9]{4}_cam_([0-9]{3})\.tif </PatternTransform>
<CalcName> masq_$1.tif </CalcName>
<Key> MyKeyCalculMasq </Key>

Then use KeyCalculMasq=MyKeyCalculMasq on HomolFilterMasq command line to automatically use the correct mask.


To use a file 3D masq as seized by SaisieMasqQT with a AperiCloud.ply file. If you want to use this option, the orientation must be indicated with the option OriMasq3D.


This option can be used to decrease the number of tie-points while maintaining the proportion of multiplicity. If SelecTer=[Per,Prop], then in each tile of size S = Per * Resol in the ground coordinate 1 the point are selected in the subtile of size S * Prop^0.5


This option supress the pair of point P1,P2 such that d(P1,P2) < DistId. This can be usefull when the acquistion was made using a turn table to automatically supress the points on the background.