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Photogrammetry is often accompagned with a georeferencement (direct or indirect). The geographic position of targets or images is usually given in geographic system such WGS84 or RGF93 (France). To work with this coordinates in MicMac, yo have to transform it in a euclidian system. Best way is to work in a Local frame (RTL) define by the coordinates of one point of the field.

How to Use?

Two way to transform coordinates :

For both case, you have to use the same syntax :


For example, if you want to transform geographic to cartesian, you should use :


XML codage

Implemented systems

Geocentric cartesian

  • Directly on MicMac commands : GeoC.
  • In file : eTC_GeoCentr.

WGS84 geographic

  • Directly on MicMac commands : WGS84, or DegreeWGS84
  • In file : eTC_WGS84.

RTL planes

For this system, you need to define it on a xml file with this structure :