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ClipIm is used to extract a subset of an image.


The global syntax is:

mm3d ClipIm ImageName BoxOrigin BoxSize NamedArgs


ClipIm generates a subset of the input image. The coordinates provided for the box origin correspond to the top-left corner of the box, in pixels. First coordinate is the column, second is the line. The size is also in pixels, from the box origin. The image is not resampled in the process. You can use the "Out" option to specify the output name.


You can access the help by typing:

mm3d ClipIm -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

 * string
 * Pt2di :: {P0}
 * Pt2di :: {SZ}

Named args :

 * [Name=Out] string


mm3d ClipIm img1.tif [1429,2842] [1000,1000] Out=img1_subset.tif