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(Understanding the output)
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The following image explains what each values in the output means :  
The following image explains what each values in the output means :  
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Picto-liste.png List of commands


Campari is a tool for compensation of heterogeneous measures (tie points and ground control points).


The global syntax for Campari is :

mm3d Campari FullDirectory InputOrientation OutputOrientation NamedArgs


You can access to the help by typing :

mm3d Campari -help

Mandatory unnamed args :

  • string :: {Full Directory (Dir+Pattern)}
  • string :: {Input Orientation}
  • string :: {Output Orientation}

Named args :

  • [Name=GCP] vector :: {[GrMes.xml,GrUncertainty,ImMes.xml,ImUnc]}
  • [Name=EmGPS] vector :: {Embedded GPS [Gps-Dir,GpsUnc, ?GpsAlti?], GpsAlti if != Plani}
  • [Name=GpsLa] Pt3dr :: {Gps Lever Arm, in combination with EmGPS}
  • [Name=SigmaTieP] REAL :: {Sigma use for TieP weighting (Def=1)}
  • [Name=FactElimTieP] REAL :: {Fact elimination of tie point (prop to SigmaTieP, Def=5)}
  • [Name=CPI1] bool :: {Calib Per Im, Firt time}
  • [Name=CPI2] bool :: {Calib Per Im, After first time, reUsing Calib Per Im As input}
  • [Name=FocFree] bool :: {Foc Free (Def=false)}
  • [Name=PPFree] bool :: {Principal Point Free (Def=false)}
  • [Name=AffineFree] bool :: {Affine Parameter (Def=false)}
  • [Name=AllFree] bool :: {Affine Parameter (Def=false)}
  • [Name=DetGCP] bool :: {Detail on GCP (Def=false)}
  • [Name=Visc] REAL :: {Viscosity in Levenberg-Marquardt like resolution (Def=1.0)}
  • [Name=ExpTxt] bool :: {Export in text format (Def=false)}
  • [Name=ImMinMax] vector :: {Im max and min to avoid tricky pat}
  • [Name=DegAdd] INT :: {When specified, degree of additional parameter}
  • [Name=DegFree] INT :: {When specified degree of freedom of parameters generics}
  • [Name=DRMax] INT :: {When specified degree of freedom of radial parameters}
  • [Name=PoseFigee] bool :: {Does the external orientation of the cameras are frozen or free (Def=false, i.e. camera poses are free)}

By default, the bundle adjustment computed by Campari only affects camera orientation. Changing the value of FocFree and/or PPFree and/or AffineFree, or AllFree to 1 permits to refine also camera calibration.

Understanding the output

The following image explains what each values in the output means : Image


Using GCP file

For example, in the Mur Saint Martin dataset, you can launch :

mm3d Campari ".*JPG" MEP-Basc2 MEP-Terrain GCP=[MurSaintMartin.xml,0.02,MesureBasc.xml,0.5]

With embedded GPS data, with refinement of camera calibration

In the "Grand-Leez" dataset, adding GPS information in the bundle adjustment has a positive impact on the refinement of the camera orientation, in particular on the camera calibration.

Campari "R.*.JPG" BL72 BL72-Campari EmGPS=[GPS-BL72,2] FocFree=1 PPFree=1