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Bascule generate orientations coherent with some physical information on the scene.

Bascule used to do, more a less, all of the functionalities done by SBGlobBascule, GCPBascule, RepLocBascule and CenterBascule; it is obsolete, still maintained for compatibility, but no longer documented.


The global syntax for Bascule is:
mm3d Bascule FullName Orientation Out_xml Named args


You can access to the help by typing : mm3d Bascule -help

Mandatory unnamed args :
*string :: {Full name (Dir+Pat)}
*string :: {Orientation in}
*string :: {Out: orientation or local repair (if postfixed by "xml")}

Named args : 
*[Name=ImPl] vector<std::string>
*[Name=ExpTxt] INT
*[Name=PostPlan] string
*[Name=AllPl] bool
*[Name=UserKeyPlan] bool
*[Name=P1Rep] Pt2dr :: {P1Rep}
*[Name=P2Rep] Pt2dr :: {P2Rep}
*[Name=AxeRep] Pt2dr
*[Name=ImRep] string
*[Name=Teta] REAL :: {Angle (degree)}
*[Name=MesureIm] string :: {Image measure file}
*[Name=OrthoCyl] bool :: {Generate a local repair of orthocyl mode}
*[Name=DistFS] REAL :: {Distance between to fix scale, if not given no scaling}
*[Name=Norm] Pt3dr :: {Target normal for the plane}
*[Name=SNorm] Pt3dr :: {"Symbolic Normal" (must be X, Y or Z)}
*[Name=LimBsH] REAL :: {Limit ratio base to high (Def=1e-2)}